You put more thought into the price of buying your underwear than into the cost of your food…

I just returned from a Sunday trip to Walmart, where I noticed how intently people were looking at the pricing between brands and packaging of underwear.  No, I wasn’t just being a weirdo in Walmart… Being the frugal shopper that I am, I was also looking at the many offerings for some new boxer briefs… I was standing there with a pack of Haines in one hand and Fruits in the other and I had a little chuckle…  Most restaurant people spend more time and care shopping for underwear than the cost of their food inventory and supplies.

When was the last time you took a good look at your food prices to the last item?  The majority of operators that I have encountered actually have never done this activity.  The operators that do check prices regularly tend to do a bad job of it and focus on their big ticket items, never checking the small stuff.  We check every price of underwear on the shelf at the department store because the information is made readily available for the consumer and is organized.  You can even go online and technology can assist you purchase your underwear within Walmart and also technology can help you decide if you may be able to save a few buck on your undies at a competitor. software brings the last frontier of shopping sans technology into the current century… Buy from whomever, you choose to purchase.  (Cherry uses your businesses custom supplier price list for data every week), 100% money-back promise, free self-setup.  Complete flexibility to make your own buying choices on items… Cherry organizes everything for you by best price, item by item as you build your weekly orders.  You then have the chance to accept Cherry’s order by price or adjust the items that you purchase based upon other factors than price…

Food cost is the most expensive item on your P & L statement each month.  Technology is the key to purchasing wisely in an industry filled with ever changing prices, products, suppliers,

Let Cherry be the bad cop and let your suppliers know that your watching... every week!
Let Cherry be the bad cop and let your suppliers know that your watching… every week!

and brands.  Competition for you supplies is healthy for your business. is the technology that you have been dreaming of and waiting for… Don’t be afraid if you don’t understand it right away… Give me a shout and let’s get your prices organized and make your restaurant a better business today!




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