Another day… another 50 cents???

Whatever happened to the good old days when you actually earned a dollar for a day’s wage and you could support yourself or a…  I remember back when a Hershey bar cost a nickel and you could see a matinee show for…

We’ve all heard stories like these.  I know I heard plenty of them from my dad growing up.  The days of old, when frivolous spending was unheard of and putting pencil to paper to plan a budget was the norm and people had a respect for money that was born in the Great Depression.  Hard work, thought and effort were put into a shop owners cost of goods and if you could save a penny by negotiating, you did.

Cherries-got-your-backLet’s face it people, we have moved past the Cosby like days of trudging to school, in the snow, uphill, both ways stories.  The days of going out of your way to save a few dollars isn’t happening in today’s businesses.  The phrase another day, another dollar is laughable to most… or is it?  There are the few, the proud the Marines type few out there still negotiating hard every week to make it by not spending it first.  Why aren’t we all that type of business person?

Why do we spend so little time on negotiating the best prices we can with every inventory order?  Why are we so complacent about the work of shopping and then sometimes borderline, belligerent to NEW sales reps that are trying to offer us additional pricing data for consideration in the running of our operations?  The answer isn’t that we are lazy, just that there is technology to help us shop for every other consumer good in our lives, but not to help us supply our businesses… Until now… is reasonable, self-setup, easy to use software that finally gives every one of us usable, convenient data to assist us in making our supplier choices.  Make your life easier and save time and money by letting Cherry shop your businesses vendor provided price lists, line item by line item, all while you put your inventory order together from a simple list of your stuff on your phone, tablet or computer… You use technology to run almost every other aspect of your business, but you buy you supplies from a paper list on a clipboard… Really??? You can still buy on relationships and also from whom you choose to do business with, but you can’t argue that knowing which supplier provides you with the best price on each thing you need is good information to have as you buy. -Cherry XOXO


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